Floor Restoration Process

If you have wood floors in your home, you are fortunate because they can last for years, can have a beautiful appearance, and are beneficial for those with allergies. Many people would like to restore their wood floors. The Floor Specialist can restore your floors to their original beauty, giving them new life and luster. After the floor is completely sanded using high-quality machines, stains can be applied to match the original color of the floor, if desired. Also a wide variety of colored stains can be used, including pickling stains to achieve the look you desire.

A Wide Range of Finishes

Finishes will give many years of protection to your floors. There is a wide selection:

  • conventional oil based finishes
  • tung-oil finishes
  • water-based finishes
  • polywhey finishes (which are non-toxic to the homeowner and the environment)

The Floor Specialist will strive to restore your wood floors to make them look flawless again, like new!